Knowing God,
Making Him Known

We’re a diverse family of people from all walks of life who seek to live out our faith for the praise of His glory and the blessing of our community. We love Jesus and His bride and delight in worshiping Him together.



Social Justice

Sunday Message


God has us on an incredible journey, stretching and growing us through this season. We meet in a number of ways, including Together Sundays, Sunday Fellowship Groups and Tuesday Night Live.

Social justice

Jesus’ heart for the poor and downtrodden inspires our own. We know that He blesses us in order that we might be a blessing to others, both within our church family and within the surrounding community.


There is immense power in the preached word. Our preachers count it a weighty privilege to share the glory of God and salvation in Christ. Visit our sermon archive here.

The Outpoured Spirit

There much nonsense out there that has resulted in a lot of reservation in a lot of people. We acknowledge this, and at the same time we want to aim for a healthy, wholesome and biblical theology of who the Holy Spirit is. We want to extend an invitation to come and experience him in the living reality of an empowering relationship with him, with God.